Thursday, September 24, 2015

Countdown to Autumn: Preparing for the Season Change.

♥ Rotate your wardrobe. Place all of your light summer dresses, denim shorts, and swim suits in the back of your closet. All of your long-sleeved shirts, cardigans, skinny jeans and long socks should be right in the front where you can easily get to them.

♥ Dry clean your sweaters and coats. Self-explanatory! Be sure to repair any loose buttons, too.

♥ Alternatively, start searching for the perfect winter coat/sweater now. What were you lacking last year? Cozy cardigans to wear at the office? A long trench coat with a collar to turn up against the wind? Make a list and start perusing the stores now!

♥ Invest in a pair of good quality gloves. This might seem a bit like jumping the gun, but autumn winds can be brutal! Find the perfect pair now so you won't be rushing for them when the snow hits.

♥ Choose a TV series to start watching. When it's dark and dreary out, it's lovely to spend your autumn evenings marathoning through a TV show! I recommend BBC's Sherlock.

 ♥ Buy new PJs. I'm a big fan of fluffy PJ pants and long-sleeved shirts, but there are really all sorts to choose from. If you already have all the PJs you need, why don't you pick up a cozy bathrobe to lounge around in?

♥ Start a sock collection. If you haven't already, of course! Knee-highs will keep you warm under your jeans, dresses and skirts. Brightly coloured wool stockings will add cheer and warmth to your outfit. Also search for a pair of cozy slipper socks to shuffle around in at home!

 ♥ Stock up on cocoa and/or tea. My hands are always freezing once the temps start to drop, so I tend to cozy up with a cup of hot something. My favourite cocoa powder is Silly Cow Farm.

 ♥ Pick out a good quality body lotion and face moisturizer to ward off the dry skin woes. I like Garnier's Body Intensive 7 days Gel-Cream and Clean & Clear's Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer. Both products are hydrating, lightweight, inexpensive and effective!

 ♥ Pick out a moisturizing hair masque/conditioner for dry hair. I have too many favourites to list. Hats, cold air and central heating really wreak havoc on your hair, so be prepared with a luxurious masque or conditioner to pamper your locks!

 ♥ Find a cute heating pad/bag for sore muscles....Or just to stay warm! I like little heating bags with rice inside because they are easily heated in the microwave and portable. I bought mine from a craft show in town, but I'm sure you could learn how to make your own!

 ♥ Pull out all of your cold weather boots and shoes. Decide what needs to be replaced or fix. Spray all leather and suede shoes with a water repellent spray and consider adding some grips to your 'outdoor shoes'.

 ♥ Heading back to school? Purchase a cute new pencil case to hold all of your pens and pencils. If you're not school-bound this fall, consider buying an inexpensive pencil case to hold your make-up!

 ♥ Stock up on stationary, envelopes, and stamps so you can spend those long winter months writing letters to all of your long-distance friends.

♥ Spruce up your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a warm, cozy place to relax at the end of the day. Buy a new pillow or a fluffy comforter, flannel sheets, or a few yummy-smelling candles. Consider investing in a foam mattress topper, too!

 How do you get ready for the season change? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Decorating the apartment, buying some new cozy socks and stocking up on candles <3


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