Sunday, September 27, 2015

Shopping haul ♡

Hi everyone ♥ A while ago I randomly thought 'I want to go shopping for Christmas presents!' and I asked my bestie if she wanted to go shopping in the city~ yeah, we're crazy enough to go Christmas shopping in September =3

Bath & Body Works is one of my fav stores! They had a game going on where you could spin a wheel to win a discount. My bestie offered to play the game for me and she got me the second highest prize, eee!

I actually got a lot more LUSH products than this but those were mostly presents~ I got myself the new 'Don't Look At Me' face mask, the Lord of Misrule bath bomb, and Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar! I LOVE the glitter on Sparkly Pumpkin. I need like ten more.

We hit up my favourite used bookstore =3 I got two presents and then I got these for myself~ the 'Stars, Spells, Secrets and Sorcery' book was published in 1976. I love old-school witch books. [The tagline says 'A do-it-yourself guide to the occult.' Perf!]

I grabbed this on our way out~ it sound so interesting!

I very much enjoy cheap bath goodies. I kinda wish I hadn't bought the bath soak because I make my own bath blends....but the macadamia oil foam bath smells so good, and so does the pink grapefruit body wash!

A book from one of the dollar stores. It sounds lovely and I can't wait to read it =3

Tape for swaps! I LOVE the owl tapes omg, and the Halloween tape is so cute.

Clothespins for my wall! I might also send off some of these in swaps, I haven't decided yet.

Beauty goods from the dollar store~ the eos hand lotion is for an upcoming swap. I regularly pay $7 for these eyelashes...I found them for $2 at the dollar store! omg! I bought all of them, of course.

Halloween trinkets! My bestie & I are doing a Halloween present swap as usual, and this year I'm putting together a Halloween present for my niece as well. At first I was going to use the bucket for my niece's gift, but I think she'd like the little house better. 

I LOVE these wee boxes! They'll be perfect for packing up penpal gifts. I really regret only buying three...

Accessories from Urban Planet~ I really wanted a pair of riding boots but I couldn't find a pair I liked D= So I settled for more thigh-high socks and these adorable necklaces.

When we were in line, I saw the guy ahead of us carrying this I immediately dragged my bestie out of the massive line-up so we could go search for it xD! She found it for me pretty quickly! It's so soft omg.

If you know me at all, you're probably already thinking that this haul is a bit smaller than usual...ha ha! I didn't take pics of the presents I got people, and I didn't take pics of the boring lint rollers & houseware supplies I got. I feel like I didn't spoil myself as usual on this trip....but I like everything I got!

Shout-out to my bestie for being my chauffeur and bag-carrier during this trip, and for driving all the way back to my house to drop off my camera after I left it in her car ♥ there's no one else I'd rather spend my money time with!



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