Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Fresh Start for 2016 ♥

♥ Clean out your inbox! Delete old e-mails, unsubscribe from mailing lists and delete unused folders. Then you can reply to those e-mails you've been procrastinating on and file everything else!

♥ Go through your wardrobe with reckless abandon. If it's stained or holey, throw it out! If it's in good condition, donate or sell it! Tip: If you haven't worn it in forever but you're still holding onto it, give yourself one month to work it into an outfit you love. If you still haven't managed that by the end of the month, it's time to get rid of it.

♥ File loose papers. Pay stubs, tax returns, and old letters can be stored in a big folder. If it isn't important, recycle it. [Be sure to shred it beforehand if it has any personal information.) Remember to check the dates on receipts, too! If it's past the return/exchange date, throw it out.

♥ Give your underwear drawer a serious overhaul. If it doesn't fit properly, is frayed or falling apart, get rid of it! Then you can make a list of what you're lacking. (Nude undergarments? A classy black push-up bra?) P.S: Do the same for your socks and tights! Take advantage of the end-of-year sales.

♥ Make a stack of books you want to read this year. If there's anything you're not interested in reading, consider donating it or passing it along to a friend.

♥ Clear out your phone contacts! Delete anyone you haven't spoken to in the past year. Additionally, make sure you have all of the important numbers you need.

♥ Tackle your make-up drawer. If you haven't used something in the past year, it's time to throw it out! Throw out anything that is clumpy or smells bad, and make a list of the new make-up you'll need.

♥ Clean your make-up brushes. You should be doing this at least once a week. Use a drop of mild shampoo or cleanser, swirl the brush on your hand a few times, then rinse it clean! Remember to lay it flat to dry on a towel. [If you store it upright when it's still damp, the water can run into the handle and ruin it.]

♥ Clean out your purse and wallet. Old receipts, gum wrappers, lone pennies...! Make sure everything has its place, and that your purse is stocked with all of the essentials you'll need during the day!

♥ Buy a new calendar & day planner. I like the Llewellyn's Witches' Calendar and Datebook but there are plenty of great options out there! You can get a cute Sanrio day planner, or an inspirational planner. Then you can take the time to mark any important dates [doctor's appointments, birthdays, etc.]

♥ Delete old accounts and change your password(s). Do you really need six different e-mail accounts? Delete the old accounts you no longer use and update all of your passwords for the new year.

♥ Revamp your playlists. I bet you've been listening to the same music for the last six months. Delete those songs you always skip over and add a few new songs to the mix!

♥ Buy new bedding. Is there anything better than a change of bedding?! Invest in some flannel sheets for these winter months, a bright comforter or a firm new pillow.

♥ Go through your Facebook friends list. What's more important - hundreds of strangers knowing every detail of your personal life [and vice versa], or keeping in touch with a handful of close friends and family? Delete anyone you haven't spoken to this past year. Your news feed will be less cluttered and you will be able to see what's important.

♥ Invest in a new journal. Every day, jot down a few lines [or paragraphs] about what you did. Won't it be lovely to read it through at the end of 2016 and remember all the fun you had?

Stay tuned for 'A Fresh Start for the Soul'.


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