Sunday, December 27, 2015

[Tiny] Boxing Day Shopping Haul ♡

Hi everyone ♥  I love Boxing Day sales because I get to stock up on skincare gift sets & presents for next year =D however, this year not many stores in my town had Christmas stuff. As such, there weren't many Boxing Day sales =/ Here are the few things I did manage to get.

I love Marcelle~ I picked up this fabulous hydration skincare set for $12! 

My beloved fox cosmetic bags. I probably have too many cosmetic bags...

AHS: Coven! My favourite season so of course I had to buy it for $10.

GOT Season 2~ My 'neesan gave me season 1 for Christmas. The seasons are usually so expensive [here, at least] but this was only $24.

I didn't get any gift wrap this year like I usually do because we have so much now. I'm pretty happy with my haul, though =)


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