Sunday, December 13, 2015

☃ Your Christmas To-Do List ☃

☃ Find a pretty Christmas pin to attach to your coat.

☃ Carry around your fav Christmas candy [Candy canes? Hershey's Kisses?] and pass it out to friends.

☃ After a long day of shopping, indulge yourself with some yummy chocolate liquer in coffee, milk or over ice cream.

☃ Sing along to all of your favourite Christmas songs! I like December Love SongThe Seven Joys of Mary, and Where Are You Christmas.

☃ Buy a package of sparkly ornaments and attach one to every gift you wrap.

☃ Make the most decadent cup of hot chocolate you've ever made. Whipped cream, sprinkles, and a candy cane...!

☃ Decorate your room with fairy lights.

☃ Gift adorable Christmas socks to everyone on your list this year. Remember, 'Nothing says Christmas like a pair of socks!'

☃ Pick up an assortment of Christmas-themed candles and light one every evening.

☃ Make a snowman in your front yard and dress him to the nines!

☃ Spend an afternoon crafting easy popsicle ornaments with the kids in your life - or just by yourself!

☃ Browse the holiday favourites on Netflix and watch all the corny Christmas movies!

☃ Give yourself a Christmas- or winter-themed manicure. Maybe blue with silver sparkles, or red with white stripes?

☃ Take lots of long walks in the snow, wrapped snugly in a scarf and with a thermos in your hands!

☃ Fill up festive tins with your best holiday baking & give to friends.

☃ Buy a set of snuggly PJs to wear specifically on Christmas morning. [Bonus points if it's a Christmas-themed onesie!]



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